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Höhenverstellbare Straßenkappen mit LINDNER-Befestigungsringen
Mit Lindner-Befestigungsringen kann jede vorhandene DIN-Straßenkappe in eine höhenverstellbare Straßenkappe umgebaut werden.

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Height-adjustable street caps with LINDNER attachment rings

With LINDNER top rings every existing DIN street cap can be converted into a height-adjustable street cap.

The required height is achieved cost-effectively by screwing LINDNER top rings onto the road level

  • No excavation work
  • No caulking work
  • No subsidence in the canopy area
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As a general contractor we carry out all trades on the construction site.
Specialized for pipeline construction. Water pipes, sewers, district heating and gas lines.
General civil engineering work for the renovation of filling stations, surface work, paving and asphalt work, pond installations, fish ponds, bathing lakes and water body renaturation, cable laying and play and sports field installations. Structural engineering works for trade, industry and agriculture.
Masonry and concrete work, renovations.
Milling of tree stumps, cleaning of ditches and removal of banisters.
Supply of building materials, equipment rental with personnel.
Easy raising of street manhole covers with Lindner adapter rings.

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