Our company history began more than 70 years ago. A lot has happened during this time. Look and see!


Certification – Pipeline construction company according to DVGW – GW 381


Christof Lindner – Technical management, purchasing and estimating


Prequalification 010.056780


BQM Corporate Quality Management according DVGW cert


Construction of district heating lines


Playground and Sportfield – Knowledgeable of playgrounds EN 1176


Certification according to WHG § 19 l petrol station construction and restoration.


CEO Robert Lindner


Certification according RAL KANAL AK2


Certification according DVGW


Gas Pipelines


The sand pit plants are closed due to lack of raw material deposits


Building construction, pipeline construction, concrete and reinforced concrete work, road construction, fence construction, short distance hauling, timber trade


Protection of patterns and design of “Lindner-Aufsatzringe”
Adapter parts for the cast iron cover of the gate valve casing for the purpose of adapting to the road level.
The aim was to install existing cover at the exact height in the shortest possible time. Nowadays this economical height adaption for road covers is particularly valued by road constructors since they are an expensive element at the construction of the road surface.
Wholesale and retail trade of construction material, sewer and waterline fittings.


Protection of patterns and design of UNIMOG-Multi Purpose Equipment.
Equipment for tree stump cutting and removal, clearance of ditches, grass and road shoulders, trimming and mulching of grass and hedges.
Our special gardening equipment was designed by Karl Lindner and was sold throughout Europe. This work is still being carried out Europe-wide today.


Excavation Work
Through the purchase of wheel loaders and excavators for sand extraction, orders in civil engineering for municipalities, farmers and private customers were soon being executed.
– Drainage work
– Cable work
– Water pipelines
– Sewer Channel


Sand pit company
With nothing but shovels and a sieve Karl Linder starts selling sand for masonry work. Shortly thereafter he extended the company to work with dump cars and silos. By using a “Zettelmeyer “ lifter truck he was able to produce large quantities on a daily basis. Production was difficult as sand stone had to be pulverised to produce the sand. Crushers, mills and sieves helped achieve the desired quality of sand. The slogan “Lindner-Sand ist weltbekannt” (Lindner-Sand is known world-wide) was slightly exaggerated, but was well-known in our area in the fifties.


Formation of the Karl Lindner Company
Cartwright Business
Founder: Karl Lindner, born 09 June 1929 in Willofs
He produced wheelwrights for farmers with his learned trade.
With the growing prevalence of the rubber wheels, this branch
of the company had to be discontinued within a very short period.