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As a general contractor we carry out

- Large and small construction projects for all building trades
- Industrial building
- Residential building
- Container facilities
- Maintenance and repair work

Pipeline construction

- Water pipes
- Sewer Channel
- District heating
- Gas

Civil Engineering

All civil engineering works are carried out even under the most difficult conditions by our
suitable machines and equipment by experienced employees.

- pond construction, concrete construction, foundations for wind power plants
- Filling station refurbishment WHG § 19 l
- Paving work, asphalt work
- Cable laying

Play grounds and sport fields

Renovation and new construction of playgrounds and sports fields are important steps for the safety and health of children.

Also people with handicap can use the facilities without any problems thanks to the use of the latest construction materials.
For fall protection, high-quality and environmentally friendly recycled rubber and plastic products are used, which allow hygienic cleaning.

Only play equipment with tested safety is installed.

Structural engineering

As a competent partner, our customers appreciate the overall concepts developed by us not only for new buildings, but also for renovation projects.

- Bricklaying
- Concrete construction
- Renovations
- Steel Halls
- Heating systems

Tree stump cutting

A complete removal of tree stumps of all wood species up to 0.70 m below the earth's surface enables the new planting of young trees at the old location. The surface around the stumps is not damaged during the milling work. The milling work can also be carried out behind fences and crash barriers.



Road side ditches, trenches in meadows and cultivated areas are cleaned to the correct profile and at low cost with the Lindner special trench clearing machine. No earth removal necessary due to spreading effect.
Milling of banquets keep roads good in traffic!
Milling off banquets true to profile guarantees the drainage of rainwater. No earth removal necessary due to spreading effect.
Mulching of hedges, undergrowth and grass. Grass, undergrowth and hedges, as lushly growing plants, often become a traffic obstacle. They impair visibility in traffic and are mechanical obstacles for agriculture. An inexpensive and gentle method of regulating growth is mulching.
Branches up to 12 cm diameter can be cut.
Reworking is not necessary, as the resulting bark mulch covers the planting areas evenly.

Pond costruction

Since 1971, the new construction of ponds, lakes and water bodies has been carried out in our company with special equipment. The "Silbersee", a bathing lake in Breitenbach/Herzberg was the first major construction project in this special field.
Fish ponds, fire extinguishing ponds, bathing lakes have been built and renovated since then for fishing clubs, private owners, forestry administrations and communities. Silt clearance and pond bank rehabilitation is essential for existing pond systems in order to keep the water quality and water level stable.